Apex Legends Global Series – Year 3

Congratulations on an outstanding season and an incredible performance in the Apex Legends Global Series Year 3 Crimson Lotus! @playapex

Since November 18th 2022 – June 17th 2023 our Apex team has displayed remarkable skill and determination. Starting with the open qualifiers, they showcased their exceptional abilities and secured an invitation to the 8-month-long circuit known as the Challengers Circuit. We fell short this year to make it to the big stage, but our team has passion and determination to get there next year!

Through intense competition in North America, our team fought valiantly and demonstrated their unwavering spirit. Your dedication, teamwork, and commitment to excellence have brought us immense pride. We are proud of every one of you for your exceptional achievements and wish you continued success in the future. Well done, team!

Crimson Lotus Roster : Matt , Adriel, Robert

Subs :  Derril & Cam

Lotus 8 is very proud of the passion and determination of our premier Apex Legends team! We can’t wait for this team to excel to the next phase in their success!