Elevating E-sports: Revolutionary Performance Mindset Program called PMM is now on Metfy.GG

In the ever-evolving landscape of E-sports, where split-second decisions and razor-sharp focus can mean the difference between victory and defeat, the importance of mental fortitude cannot be overstated. Understanding this critical aspect of performance, Lotus 8 E-sports has embarked on a collaboration with https://metafy.gg  giving us an opportunity to grow within the community and help […]

Luminosity gg x Lotus 8 Teams up To Build A New Pokemon Unite Community & Tournaments

In an exciting collaboration, Luminosity gg (LG) Home – Luminosity and Lotus 8 have joined forces to create LG UNITE, a brand-new Discord community aimed at providing a safe and vibrant space for Pokémon Unite enthusiasts. This initiative not only focuses on fostering a supportive community but also introduces thrilling online events, starting with a […]

Lotus 8 x Midlane Esports 2v2 Rocket League Lan Event in Chicago

Excitement reverberated through the gaming community as Lotus 8 recently joined forces with Midlane Esports – Chicago Esports Bar and Gaming Lounge (midlanechicago.com) to host an electrifying 2v2 LAN Rocket League event in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois Dec 16th , 2023 lead by Sau Saul (@l8saulamanderr), one of the co-owners of Lotus 8 […]

Turkey Bowl Rocket League Tournament Sponsored by NFESE & Phoenix United

On November 26th, 2023, Lotus 8 proudly hosted the 2nd Turkey Bowl Rocket League Tournament, and it was nothing short of spectacular! The event was not only a thrilling display of Rocket League prowess but also a gathering of high-caliber semi-pro to pro players, with an astounding 49 teams from across North America signing up. […]

Turkey Bowl Pokemon Unite Tournament Sponsored by NFESE & Gerry Gordon Mazda

Lotus 8 recently played host to an electrifying two-day E-sports extravaganza, the Turkey Bowl, which kicked off with the thrilling Pokémon Unite Tournament on November 25th, 2023. Proudly sponsored by New Frontier E–sports & Entertainment (nfese.gg) and Gerry Gordon’s Mazda | Mazda Dealership in Winnipeg (gerrymazda.com), this event attracted 27 teams from around the globe, […]

Lotus 8 Celebrates Victorious Triumphs in Telus Esports 3 Championships Series

In a resounding display of skill, teamwork, and dedication, Lotus 8 stands tall as a beacon of excellence in Canada wide E-sports on July 22nd, July 23rd & July 29th 2023. We are thrilled to share the incredible achievements of our two champion teams, Crimson Lotus and Red Lotus, who emerged victorious in their respective […]

Esports Summer Showcase

A Fantastic Experience at the Manitoba Esports Summer Showcase! We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Manitoba Esports Association for inviting Lotus 8 to their Esports Summer Showcase held on July 8th at the Delta Hotel Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was an incredible event that brought together gaming enthusiasts from all walks […]

Apex Legends Global Series – Year 3

Congratulations on an outstanding season and an incredible performance in the Apex Legends Global Series Year 3 Crimson Lotus! @playapex Since November 18th 2022 – June 17th 2023 our Apex team has displayed remarkable skill and determination. Starting with the open qualifiers, they showcased their exceptional abilities and secured an invitation to the 8-month-long circuit known […]