Elevating E-sports: Revolutionary Performance Mindset Program called PMM is now on Metfy.GG

In the ever-evolving landscape of E-sports, where split-second decisions and razor-sharp focus can mean the difference between victory and defeat, the importance of mental fortitude cannot be overstated. Understanding this critical aspect of performance, Lotus 8 E-sports has embarked on a collaboration with https://metafy.gg  giving us an opportunity to grow within the community and help more students, schools, coaches and E-sports athletes  to introduce our pioneering program – Performance Mindset Mindfulness Program.

PMM is learning to focus your mind and concentration with unique breathing techniques to help reduce stress by combining it with fitness and conditioning for better managing your emotions more efficiently for performance within E-sports and overall well-being. Meditation training can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage and help heightened state of awareness and focused attention to help E-sports athletes perform at their peak level. 

E-sports athletes often spend long periods sitting and staring at screens, which can lead to various health problems such as tight hips, shoulder posture issues, and neck and hand strain. To help combat these issues, mobility training and stretches can help loosen up the body and hands before gaming and promote better posture and overall physical health. Combining meditation and fitness has many uses and benefits. It assists in focus and concentration, stress reduction, Enhanced Cognitive Function, improves memory, Increased Energy and Stamina, Better Sleep Quality:, Stress Management, Enhanced Reaction Time, Improved Team Communication and Overall Well-Being

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This innovative initiative marks a significant milestone in the E-sports industry, being the first of its kind globally. Combining elements of mental health, performance meditation, fitness and conditioning, as well as mindfulness training, the Performance Mindset Mindfulness program is set to revolutionize how E-sports athletes approach their craft.

At the core of this collaboration is the vision to empower E-sports enthusiasts with the tools and techniques necessary to excel not only in-game but also in life. By integrating various aspects of physical and mental well-being, Lotus 8 aim to foster a holistic approach to E-sports performance.

One of the key figures behind this collaboration is Corey Harnish from Metafy.gg, who provided us invaluable insights and the best customer service . With Corey’s assistance, Lotus 8 has been able to leverage the Metafy.gg platform to seamlessly organize workshops tailored for schools, students, and E-sports athletes worldwide.