Lotus 8 Celebrates Victorious Triumphs in Telus Esports 3 Championships Series

In a resounding display of skill, teamwork, and dedication, Lotus 8 stands tall as a beacon of excellence in Canada wide E-sports on July 22nd, July 23rd & July 29th 2023. We are thrilled to share the incredible achievements of our two champion teams, Crimson Lotus and Red Lotus, who emerged victorious in their respective divisions at the Telus E-sports 3 Championships. These triumphs mark a significant milestone for Lotus 8 and a testament to the hard work of all our competing teams.

The heart-pounding action of the Telus E-sports 3 Championships saw the emergence of our Apex Legends powerhouse, Crimson Lotus. With unwavering determination and incredible prowess, the team comprising Matt, Adriel, Derril, and Cam showcased an exceptional performance that ultimately led them to clinch victory in the Advance Division. Their strategic brilliance, swift decision-making, and unmatched teamwork secured their place as champions, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the E-sports arena.

The Telus E-sports 3 Championships also witnessed the meteoric rise of our Rocket League phenomenon, Red Lotus. This dynamic squad, featuring Nate, John, Jayden, and Shane under the guidance of their sub-Coach Mao, exhibited sheer dedication and remarkable skill in the Intermediate Division. Their journey culminated in a resounding victory, as they claimed the top spot in the Rocket League tournament, making Lotus 8 and the city of Winnipeg proud.

While our spotlight shines brightly on Crimson Lotus and Red Lotus, we must not overlook the outstanding efforts of our Lotus 8 Academy Canada team. Rising through the ranks and overcoming challenges, they displayed remarkable resilience and skill in the Advance Division, securing an impressive 4th place finish as finalists. This achievement underscores the depth of talent and determination within the Lotus 8 family.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the players, coaches, and supporters who contributed to this remarkable journey. The achievements of Crimson Lotus, Red Lotus, and Lotus 8 Academy Canada would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of every individual involved. Your commitment to excellence has brought Lotus 8 to the forefront of the E-ports world.