Lotus 8 is hosting a 3v3 Rocket league Tournament in support of Red Cross Canada powered by Red Bull Canada

Lotus 8 is excited to announce its participation in the Red Cross Cross play event, taking place from June 14th to June 30th. With a mission to support charitable causes, Lotus 8 is teaming up with the Red Cross to help raise crucial donations for their humanitarian efforts. During this event, gamers from all around North America will have the opportunity to join forces with Lotus 8 and contribute to this noble cause. By engaging in our 3v3 Rocket League Charity Event and various online activities, participants can make a meaningful impact by supporting the invaluable work carried out by the Red Cross. Join Lotus 8 in this cross play event, as together, we strive to make a difference and extend our assistance to those in need.

We invite you to join us in making a difference at the Lotus 8 Charity event! By supporting us, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to an incredible cause in supporting Red Cross Canada through donations. Together, we can bring positive change to the lives of those in need. Join our event and be a part of this impactful journey as we strive to make a lasting impact in our community. Your generosity and participation will go a long way in bringing hope and assistance to those who require it the most. Let’s come together and create a brighter future through our collective efforts!

Donations are welcome below in support of Red Cross Canada or donations during our broadcast stream will be greatly appreciated!

Red Cross Donation Link: https://tiltify.com/@captainquench/lotus-8-esports-rocket-league-3v3

Special thank you to Red Bull Canada for sponsoring our Charity event! We are energised and fueled off Red Bull and ready to play!