Turkey Bowl Rocket League Tournament Sponsored by NFESE & Phoenix United

On November 26th, 2023, Lotus 8 proudly hosted the 2nd Turkey Bowl Rocket League Tournament, and it was nothing short of spectacular! The event was not only a thrilling display of Rocket League prowess but also a gathering of high-caliber semi-pro to pro players, with an astounding 49 teams from across North America signing up. Sponsored by NFESE & Phoenix United, the tournament drew in approximately 150 attendees, making it a remarkable celebration of the Rocket League community.

The turnout exceeded our expectations, with 49 dynamic teams vying for victory. The competitive spirit was palpable as these skilled players brought their A-game to the virtual arena. With about 150 attendees, the tournament was a melting pot of talent and passion for Rocket League.

What set the Lotus 8 Turkey Bowl apart was the quality of competition. Our tournament attracts high-caliber semi-pro to pro players, creating an environment where every match was a showcase of skill, strategy, and teamwork. The dedication and passion of the participants were evident in every breathtaking goal and strategic maneuver.

The success of the Turkey Bowl wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors, New Frontier E-sports & Entertainment (nfese.gg) & Phoenix United. Their commitment to the Rocket League community and E-sports at large played a pivotal role in making this tournament a reality. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these organizations for helping us elevate the Rocket League experience for both players and spectators.

Full Broadcast : (14) $500 – Lotus 8 E-sports L8CS #6 Sponsored by Phoenix United/NFESE – Twitch