NBA 2k 22 Open LAN Tournament

Event Description

NBA 2k 22 1v1 Open Lan Tournament! Do you have what it takes to be the Undisputed King of the Court?  Dream Barbers is hosting its 1st ever NBA 2k Open LAN event in downtown Winnipeg.  Only 16 participants can Enter.

How to Register

Fill the event join form. To complete registration please EMT $20.00 CAD to Once completed an Invoice will be sent to an email you have provided.

  • Before the start of the event all participants will be emailed with the bracket and their match time.
  • Once your match time approaches head over to Dream Barbers to play your opponent. (Match times are expected to be around 30-40min.) 
  • If you win, you’ll be given a new timeslot in the bracket to play your opponent in the 2nd round of the tournament that day.   

  • For Example: Your match time is at 1200pm, you come and defeat your opponent (great job!). You will then be given a new time to come back and face against your next opponent in the tournament about an hour or so later.

Do I have to leave and comeback? Can I just stay and watch the other games until its my turn to play? 

  • Answer: Absolutely! We actually prefer you stay and enjoy the games and have the opportunity to meet and get to know everyone. We’ll even have food and drinks available. Feel free to hang out with the boys or check out the sneakershop nextdoor!

This tournament is Single Elimination, Best of 3 in the Finals. If you lose any game outside the Finals match, you’re out!

  • NBA 2k 22 1v1 Open Lan Tournament
  • Tournament is split between 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is Qualifiers / 1st 2 Rounds of the Bracket and Sunday is Semifinals and Finals.
  • Location: 2179 Portage Ave, downtown Winnipeg

  1. Qualifiers for Nov 5, 2022
  2. Semi finals and Finals Nov 6,2022

  • $250 CAD in Prizes
    1. 4 Free Haircuts 
    2. 1 copy of NBA 2k23 
    3. Jordon Manila Shirt

About The Hosts

Hosted by Dream Barbers, Dream Bootcamp, The Collab Shop, and Lotus 8 Esports. 

“The Collab Shop”, is composed of a group of friends who were brought together by the love of sneakers, vintage, and streetwear. What we do and our purpose is to be one of the sources in the city of Winnipeg for rare, hard to find sneakers and streetwear that you don’t normally see at regular retail stores. Check them out at

“People can go for a workout, freshen up at the barbershop and pick out new clothes all in one place at 2179 Portage Ave” – @marq_thebarber , Co-Owner.

Lotus 8 Esports would like to thank the Dream team and Collab for supporting our growth and progress as a top Esports presence in Canada & the United States

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