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CurlieQ Profile Photo CurlieQ

Hey there, I'm CurlieQ and I'm a Twitch Partner/Variety Streamer for Lotus8 Esports! I grew up in family full of gamers and have enjoyed playing videogames all throughout my life. They provided me with an escape during hard times, so I became a streamer so I could provide quality entertainment and cultivate a community for people who also need the escape. You can find me on Twitch playing all sorts of games from all things Nintendo, horror, FPS, RPGs, to party games with my community and friends.

Virjj Profile Photo Virjj

Hey guys — my name is Virjinia also known as virjj! Im a variety twitch/tiktok streamer who is here to make you laugh with my bot game plays or just my very unlucky game timing. I play mostly first person shooters or some party games with friends! Just here to laugh and have a good time!

OpenDoresGaming Profile Photo OpenDoresGaming

OpenDoresGaming is an Apex Legends community where everyone is welcome regardless of skill or personal traits. We run tournaments, play with viewers, and do all kinds of community stuff within the game 

Millix Profile Photo Millix

Hi my name is Millix. I have been living in Germany since I was 6 years old. It was always a Dream of mine to become a huge Content Creator to give people a smile with my funny gaming content. Yes, I create gaming content, but what games do I play? To be honest pretty much everything that's fun to me. Mainly I enjoy playing ego shooters but also 3rd person shooters. My main games have always been Call of Duty and Rocket League, I also really love story based games. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 is my favourite so if you're into these type of games you will definitely enjoy my content. See for yourself on my socials! I appreciate anyone stopping by and have a great day!