Lotus 8 Travels Too Gamecon Canada 2024 To Host The MSI 5v5 Valorant Tournament

This year, we have the incredible opportunity to operate and host the MSI $3000.00 CAD 5v5 Valorant tournament at the MSI booth, and on the Memory Express Mega Stage. Our Valorant teams are set to compete at the highest level, and we had the opportunity to engage with the community and share our passion for both esports and mental health. 

At the heart of our presence at Gamecon Canada 2024 is the MSI $3000.00 CAD 5v5 Valorant tournament. This event promises to be a thrilling showdown of skill and strategy as teams from all over compete for the grand prize. We are proud to host this tournament and provide a platform for players to showcase their talents. 

CTV NEWS EDMONTON - https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/we-re-having-a-blast-canada-s-biggest-gaming-convention-in-edmonton-for-the-weekend-1.6927982

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Beyond the excitement of competition, Lotus 8 Esports is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to travel to Edmonton Alberta to promote mental health awareness within the esports community. Our program, Performance Mindset Mindfulness, is designed to integrate performance meditation, mental health workshops, fitness, and mindfulness training. We believe that mental well-being is crucial for peak performance and overall happiness, and we are dedicated to educating players on these important topics.  In addition to our mental health initiatives, Lotus 8 Esports runs an Academy Program aimed at helping students get in front of college opportunities. Our academy provides training, mentorship, and exposure to college scouts, opening doors for aspiring esports athletes to pursue their dreams both academically and competitively.

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Lotus 8 Esports is more than just a team; we are a community dedicated to excellence and mental health advocacy. We look forward to seeing you at Gamecon Canada 2025 and sharing our passion for esports and mental health.

Special Thank you to Gamecon Canada 2024 for sponsoring Lotus 8! We are forever grateful